Golf Fitness

Don’t be left behind

Golf is evolving from only needing technical skill – is your body fit for golf?

A Total Sports Physio golf fitness assessment analyses every joint and muscle needed for golf, to give you your golf fitness handicap.

Golf fitness assessment - Total Sports Physio
Specialists in Golf Fitness Assessments by Total Sports Physio - Maidstone in Kent

Improving your golf fitness handicap is linked to improving your golf handicap, and reduces your chance of injury.

You will benefit from the assessment whether you are injured or just want to improve.

Assessment results also include:

  • A golf-specific warm-up and cool-down routine
  • Personalised golf-specific fitness programme
  • Unlimited support and advice on maximising your golf fitness

Specialist Performance Analysis

60 mins – £60

**Video assessments also offered**

Included in your first assessment:

Thorough golf and fitness history taken
Titleist-approved golf assessment tool completed
Manual treatment
Custom fitness plan including golf warm-up

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