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Physiotherapy exists to reduce pain by improving your joint and muscle function.

But why stop there? At Total Sports Physio, we enable you to take complete control of your pain. Our aim is to get you back to your normal activities as soon as possible.

Every body is individual, so it’s important that your care is tailored to your exact needs. We have a range of treatments that we can expertly match to suit your lifestyle.

Here are some of the main treatment methods we use, along with the benefits.

Manual Therapy

This type of therapy involves the practitioner using their hands to provide physical treatment.

Whilst lots of things fall under ‘manual therapy’, in physiotherapy this refers to gentle, repetitive, passive movements of a joint.

Research has suggested that this has positive short term effects on reducing pain coming from the joint that is being moved.

Additionally, it gradually increases general joint motion, something essential for body joints.

Maidstone Physio treatment - Total Physiotherapy

Soft and deep tissue massage

Another form of manual therapy, tissue massage is a traditional technique used by many practitioners.

The aim of this technique is to target the soft tissues of the body, such as muscles, and stimulate healing by increasing blood flow, as well as relaxing tight, overused muscle.

Soft and Deep Tissue Massage for injuries in Maidstone, Kent
Specialist Kent Electrotherapy by Total Physiotherapy


Electrotherapy comes in different forms, but we mainly use ultrasound therapy.

The aim here is to stimulate deep heating of the soft tissues of the body, increasing the flexibility of the fibres.

This technique is always used in combination with other physiotherapy techniques, such as soft tissue massage and exercise, to provide maximal effect.

Taping and Sports Taping - Total Physiotherapy in Maidstone

Taping and Sports Taping

Taping can be a great way to relieve pain, whilst providing support to sore areas during your normal activities.

Some claimed benefits of taping include: reducing swelling, improved recovery after activity, support to muscles and joints.

Importantly this takes place without restricting movement but it does prevent over-stretching or over-contraction of muscles.​

Exercise Therapy

Without doubt the most important of treatment. Exercise is the only essential part of any treatment plan, and the most effective way to get things moving properly and keeping muscles and joints strong.

Exercising in specific ways has been proven to completely resolve tendon & muscle problems, most forms of lower back pain and can have significant results in halting the progression and controlling pain in diseases such as arthritis. Your physiotherapist will talk you through all the best exercises during your sessions.

Exercise Therapy in Maidstone - Total Physiotherapy


Sometimes, our pain cannot be completely controlled by the techniques above and requires extra tools. Orthotics provide biomechanical structure and support to the feet, providing relief to help further up the chain to knee, hip, lower back and even above this.

We work closely with expert podiatrists and chiropodists, who specialise in movement and foot biomechanics, who can personally fit you for the best orthotics available.

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Our Most Common Injuries

Here are some of the injuries we treat most commonly:

Frozen Shoulder
Ankle Sprain
Golfer’s/Tennis Elbow
Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Knee Ligament Injury

Shin Splints
Hip Bursitis
Repetitive Strain
Rotator Cuff
Sports Injuries
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
Sprains and Strains

Physiotherapy Price List

Initial Assessment
45 minutes

Follow-up Appointments
30 minutes


I was really having problems with a painful neck, affecting me every day at work. I contacted Stephen at Total Sports Physio and since seeing him, I’ve felt so much better. The environment at the clinic is so relaxing and Stephen gave me advice and exercises to stop the problem returning. Would definitely recommend!
Ros Smith

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