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Rehabilitation after surgery is crucial. Mobility, strength and function are all important factors in normal everyday life.

Maidstone Kent post surgery physiotherapy by Total Sports Physio
Maidstone Kent post surgery physiotherapy by Total Sports Physio

Total Sports Physio guides you every step of the way, to ensure you get back to running, working, playing with the family, or whatever your goal.

The most common post-surgery conditions we treat are:

  • Hip – replacement, arthroscopy, labral tear, steroid injection
  • Knee – replacement, MCL/LCL/ACL/PCL repair, arthroscopy, injection
  • Ankle & Foot – achilles tendon repair, fracture, Morton’s Neuroma surgery
  • Shoulder – replacement, rotator cuff repair, decompression, fracture, steroid injection
  • Elbow & Wrist – steroid injection, fracture
  • Spine – decompression, discectomy, laminectomy, steroid injection

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Package

After an initial assessment (45mins £50) there’s an option of a 1:1 rehab class.

6 x 45min sessions for £250 (£300 without block paying)

Included in the first assessment:

Thorough history taken
Goal setting
Thorough assessment completed
Rehab plan devised
‘Hands on’ manual treatment
Home exercise programme guidance

Please bring with you any hospital letters or information you have been given.

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