Specialist Running Physio

Preventing & treating injuries

Running injuries are the most common sports injuries. This is usually due to progressing before the body can adapt fully to the impact.

Specialist in Running Fitness Assessment by Total Sports Physio, Maidstone
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Total Sports Physio are experts in preparing runners for running, and treating running injuries.

The best part is, we will try our best to keep you running while you are recovering.

Common running injuries we treat:

Runner’s Knee  •  Achilles Pain •  Hamstring Strain •  Plantar Fasciitis •  Shin Splints •  ITB Syndrome •  Hip Pain

Running Fitness Assessment Package

1 hour – £60

Included in the first assessment:

Thorough initial subjective assessment, including previous injury history
Goal setting – including injury timeline
Unique running-specific strength and mobility assessment tool
Rehabilitation plan & programme provided

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