Sports Massage Therapy in Kent

Maidstone-based Sports Massage & Pain Treatment

Sports Massage is an ever increasing industry, due to the difference it can make to sporting performance and recovery.

Our Sports Massage will help to prepare your muscles for an event, help to degrade scar tissue from previous injuries or aid in the drainage of lactic acid post-event. Of course, we can also provide pain relief by skilfully loosening muscles in a tight area of your body.

Anyone can benefit from our Sports Massage – whether you’re an athlete, an office-worker or a retiree!


To best serve your needs, we offer two types of sessions:

Our ‘Focused Sessions’ last for 30 minutes. They’re ideal for if you need one particular body part to be worked on. For example, the lower back, neck, hamstrings, quads or calves. These shorter sessions are also perfect for when you’re preparing for an event; in this case, we use faster, more stimulating actions, so more areas can be covered in this shorter time.

Our ‘Intensive Sessions’ are longer, at 60 minutes. These sessions are necessary when you need us to focus on larger areas; such as, the whole back, both legs, or your neck and shoulders. Of course, we aren’t limited during the session to these areas, and our clients often mix and match according to their current needs!

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Sports Massage Price List

Focused Session
45 minutes

Intensive Session
60 minutes


I have had lots of different sports massages but since seeing Stephen, I won’t see anyone else. He is very knowledgeable about the body, explains everything he’s doing and, most of all, what he does works very well.
Geraint Atkins

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Total Sports Physio is located in central Maidstone, close to the town centre and Maidstone West train station.

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Home Visits

We also offer a home visitation service where we come to you, and analysis and treatment is provided in your home.